6.1・Using Chordie.com

This video shows finding songs on Chordie.com and importing to MySongbook. This video shows a Mac, but Windows PC would be very similar.

*Please be aware and honor copyrights. It is a complicated subject, and I knew more…

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Summary of steps:

  1. Perform Search at Chordie.com. Look for songs with CHORDS. Check content and quality.
  2. Get the “Chopro” version of the song and copy to clipboard.
  3. Paste in editor as plain text. Microsoft Word is shown and requires Paste Special… Unformatted Text. Save as Plain Text.
  4. Clean up format to match what is required by MySongbook. See below.
  5. Email to yourself.
  6. Open attachment in mail on iPad/iPhone “open with” MySongbook to import.

— Sample Song: OverTheRainboxImport.txt
Over the Rainbow
Israel Kamakawiwo
[C]Somewhere [Em]over the rainbow
[F]Way up [C]high
[F]And the [C]dreams that you dream of
[G]Once in a [Am]lullaby [F]…

[C]Someday I’ll wish upon a star
[G]Wake up where the clouds are far be[Am]hind [F]me
Where [C]trouble melts like lemon drops

[G]High above the chimney tops

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