Who is behind MySongbook

Hi, I’m Eric Elfner, an Independent iOS developer. I took over MySongbook in 2014 and first nursed it back to health. Then, I supported it with immediate email responses, videos, maintenance improvements, updates for latest iOS changes, and most recently, incorporated many many user requests!

I really getting to know all the users who have contacted me over the years. I will admit that being an Indie developer is a tough road. I don’t have enough income to hire any help and do everything myself: coding, marketing, website, support, video production, graphics, accounting, … You get the picture. The good news is that I really do love almost all of these tasks, especially when it allows me to learn something new or show off my talents. The not so good news is that I continue to spread myself very thin, so it is difficult for me to get to everything and it is a continual battle of priorities.

Beyond MySongbook, I have several other initiatives going on. Of most interest to MySongbook user would probably be my other music Apps under the Amidio brand. You can see them at Amidio.com. These are set of unmatched Apps, that are beautiful and feature rich. Each App is more incredible than the other. These Apps cannot be simply explained, they must be experienced for their unrivaled aesthetics and function.

I do have a “business” website at zCage.com that used to contain all my web presence. I have moved MySongbook and Amidio to their own domains and will soon update zCage.com with just high level and a technology blog. (Always something…)

Prior to going Indie, I was a corporate Java Enterprise developer. I got intrigued with Apple products and the mobile applications long ago. Then in 2014 dove in full time leaving my full-time job and starting up zCage.com Apps LLC.


Please drop me a note at info @zcage.com or check out my other apps.

Thanks for looking, Eric