6.2・Using Lacuerda.net

This video shows finding songs on Lacuerda.net and importing to MySongbook. This video shows a Mac, but Windows PC would be very similar. Please be aware and honor copyrights.

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Summary of steps:

  1. Perform Search at https://lacuerda.net looking for good songs (25s).
  2. Edit with http://ukegeeks.com/tools/ to get chords inline with lyrics (1m).
  3. Edit in a text editor for specific MySongbook format (2m23s).
  4. Save and email to yourself (7m).
  5. Open email on iPad/iPhone and import (8m25s).

— Sample Song: OverTheRainboxImport.txt

No hay nadie más
Sebastian Yatra

[E] [-] [C#m] [-] [A] [-] [B] [-] [E]

Verso 1
Recuer[E]do aquel día
Como si fuera[C#m] hoy
No hay nada como e[A]lla
Ni siq[B]uiera me encon[E]tró

Hay a[E]lgo más inexpli[A]cable como su mi[C#m]rada
Inigu[B]alable como la [C#m]manera en que me cel[A]a
Y trata de [E]disimular que no está [B]mal

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