4・Transferring iOS ⇆ Mac

Transferring songs between MySongbook copies: iPad ⬄ Mac ⬄ iPhone ⬄ iPad ⬄ iPod ⬄ Mac (any combination)

TLDR; Just export as .mysongbook file and email to yourself.

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To export:

iPad, iPhone, iPod: – Go to Settings -> Export Songs -> Select All (lower left) -> Send: .mysongbook Songs+Sets

An email with the attachment will be created. Just send to yourself.

Mac: Go to File Menu -> Export -> Select All -> Export -> Save the file to Downloads or other convenient folder.
You now need to open your email client and mail the file to yourself.

To import into:

iPad, iPhone, iPod: – Select file in the Mail app (on the device with MySongbook already installed) and you will get an option to “Open in MySongbook.” Select this and songs will be imported!

Mac: – First, you need to save the emailed .mysongbook file like to Downloads or other convenient folder. Then from the MySongbook Mac App menu, select import, navigate to the file, and Open. Songs will be imported!

Note: I know that MySongbook should automatically sync songs. This is one of 2 top features to be implemented the other being Internet search. There is some groundwork I need to complete before implementing the sync.

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