8・Advanced Fonts

Custom per page or even per section fonts and font sizing. PDF’s can even have their own special fonts!

This is really just an experimental feature, so do not depend to heavily on it. But, then again, it has been in MySongbook for over 2 years now!

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The available commands are:

  • {textfont:Verdana} Use any font from the Settings-> Font Family selection. Will be used in View Mode and PDFs.
  • {textsize:30} Any size from 12 to 40 is allowed.
  • {pdffont:Verdana} This command only overrides on the PDF production.
  • {pdfsize:30} Similar to above, this size only effects the output on the PDFs.

Just add ‘Command’ Sections similar to below. They do not show in View mode. If you just want one song to have a different Font or Font size, just add 1 beginning command section.

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